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Warranty terms and conditions

Warranty and liability

We provide 2 years warranty period for our products indicated with manufacturing serial number according to our general sales and delivery conditions.

We provide 1 year warranty period for our ZircoBurn sinter furnace according to our general sales and delivery conditions.

The warranty consist repairing at the manufacturer premise, or sending replacement parts to the customer. The reseller have to meet the base condition to have its own service.

Appeals concerning warranty and liability due to persons or damage to equipment are invalid if the damage occured for any following reasons

  • Incorrect instalation, operation, assembly or maintenance of the machine
  • The machine is installed or with foulty safety devices or operating with incorrecty security and safety devices
  • Ignoring the instructions for transport, storage, assembly, operation and maintenance
  • Lack of regular checking of the worn parts
  • Structural changes on the machine without permission
  • Repairs carried out incorrectly
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Sárik Márton

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