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Optical Scenner "Cyber scan"

Digital Dental Labs’ essential dental scanner

Fixing plate

Stone model, gingiva, markers, pre-op, wax up etc. all can be fixed and scanned easily


Fast impression scanning. You will be able to finish provisional crowns till your gypsum model becomes solid

Offset coping & full bridge

Save your time with the perfect multi-die plate and do your scan in less steps

Post & core

Forget the manual modeling for post and core and let the Cyberscan solve the restoration in very easy way

Draw & scan

If the margin is not clear and the partial denture lines are not appeared, draw what you need by the traditional way and scan your pencil lines.


Optimized for productive, fast and accurate scanning.
High productivity.
2 cameras with 1.3 megapixels.
High accuracy 10 microns.

Power Consumption 40W
True accuracy 10 mikron
Rated power 230V- 50/60Hz
Dimensions (width x height x depth) 310x442x332
Weight 16 kg

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