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PiCAM Dental CAM software

Open source Dental CAM software

Full space utilization

Utilize all the spaces in the Zirconia disc by using Adjustable sintering stabilizer wich allows you to mill crowns with full-arch crowns.

Holders’ features

We have the opportunity to change the holder parameter and weaken or cut it to keep the geometry and save the time.

Great simulation

Check how the milling machine will remove the material around the crowns step by step. We can see the simulation in slow motion or in real life milling speed, too. We can set colors to each milling tools, so we can see which tool is working in which area of the crown.

Best Fitting

Set the cementation gap as you have already set it in EXOCAD and check the crown inside as the traditional way but before milling. You can see in advance how the undercuts area will be looking and you can check if you have chosen the good strategy for milling.


100% in-house developed
User-friendly operation
Super fast memorizing
Milling and scanning, process monitoring
Fully automatic generation of NC programs
Unfinished work continued
Group milling
STL file import / export

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